Look what we made!

Today was all about garlic. We pulled up a bed, cleaned it up and then we learned how to make garlic braids!

Mound of dirty, hairy garlic!

Tearing up the bed of garlic

Relatively clean garlic. It’s very tangibly satisfying to peel back that first layer of dirty skin and all is pristine underneath, until I get my dirty hands all over it.

The after math

The bucket of garlic ‘seconds;’ too small/ugly/rotted for braiding purposes.



Garlic still life. Look at those purple streaks!

Garlic Braid! Hang it up and watch it dry and get more purple streaks. It lasts through January!

View of the backside

Mound of garlic braids!

I’ll dedicate this post to my mother, who surely loves loads of garlic.

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2 thoughts on “Look what we made!

  1. I am honored by your dedication to me. Yes, indeed I love garlic! These pictures are beautiful. I have always loved it for its healing properties and taste, but never knew how absolutely beautiful it was. Your photos are stunning.

  2. Tiffany King on said:

    I’ve heard there is nothing better than fresh garlic.
    Your mom is right… all your photos are stunning!

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