The sleepiest day

I can hardly stay awake to post, but I’ve been meaning to put these pictures up for a few days. I have plenty to write about, too, but it might have to wait. I felt great yesterday, but all of today I’ve been endlessly sleepy. So, even though it’s still light out, I’m going to sleep as soon as I get these up.

We moved the hens’ paddock around this grove of trees. They really like hanging out around the trees and clearing out all the under growth. Check out that vine.

We moved the biddies out of their brooder and into the field. I expect it’s a traumatic experience to never see the sun or grass and then be scooped up and thrown outside. But they’re too little to live outside for the first 3 weeks, and as traumatic as it might be to suddenly change environments, it’s much healthier for them to be in the grass. They’d been outside for more than a day at this point. They were starting to explore.

Our big field down the road

I spent many hours with the tomatoes last week. Pruning, suckering, tying, spraying. Copper sulfate is an organically approved substance to spray to slow the spread of blight.

tomato bud

Green tomato. We’ve had some rain nearly everyday for a couple weeks, which makes for a lot of blight. We might not get many tomatoes.

Sea of tomato stakes

Eggplant under the…I can’t remember what that fabric is called, but it’s to keep bugs out.

Now, to bed, to bed with sleepy-head!

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