Week Two

The weather has been nice this week. I think it got to the mid-70s. Whoa.

This week has consisted of a lot of washing vegetables. Today I harvested spring mix and spent the rest of the day washing and packing spring mix, Chinese cabbage and romaine lettuce. Fairly easy stuff. We have a radio with NPR and a local station – WNCW, if I’m not mistaken – from a community college that plays a big range of stuff.

On Wednesday we moved the laying hens again. That’s a big job, but it was much easier this time because the tractor was available to move the nesting boxes and the water tent. Last week, another intern and I had to do it with brute force. The nesting boxes are super heavy. And the laying hens don’t really understand that it’s hazardous to keep hanging out under the boxes when we’re trying to move them, so then you have to keep making sure you’re not running over chickens and breaking their legs (we didn’t harm any animals in the moving of those boxes). With the tractor though, it was easy. Last time part of the paddock was in the woods and about 20 chickens did not want to leave the woods, so we had to catch them. I’m pretty sure I said this in the last post, but chasing chickens is fun. I only had to catch 3 this week.

I did a lot of mowing and weed whacking this week. One of the neighbors lives in Florida and has their vacation mountain home here. The farm rents a field from them. For whatever reason, they haven’t had their lawn mowed in a couple months and they’re coming up this weekend, so we got commissioned to take care of it somehow. There were 5 foot weeds, no joke. Messy.

I’m not sure what else happened this week. At the end of the day, I can’t remember if something happened the day before or on the current day.

I never wrote about going to the farmers’ market in Sylva on Saturday. It might have to wait, though. I’m pretty sleepy. Last night I fell asleep around 9. I’ll post some pictures and then I’m done.

One of my chores every morning is to feed the biddies:


They’re gotten far more curious within the past week. At first they all ran to the far wall when a person came in. Some still do, but there’s this group that gets all over me now. They keep trying to eat my buttons on my shirts especially.

He sort of looks sleepy still

I know this one is blurry, but I thought it was still pretty funny. They’re too fast for pictures.

He just hopped right on my leg, trying to get at my buttons.

One of them was even trying to jump on my back while I was kneeling to fill their feeding trays.


Spring mix! So much spring mix! It’s pretty much our specialty. We plant a new bed every week so that there is spring mix the whole season. Endless spring mix!

Spring mix!

I keep finding huge spiders in the spring mix. Maybe they are wolf spiders. I don’t know. There is not a spider in this picture, I was just thinking about how there are a lot of spiders to pick out of the spring mix. Don’t be afraid to eat your spring mix, though! They’re easy to pick out.

I took too many pictures of spring mix. I just want you to feel as completely immersed in spring mix as i do. Spring mix!

I harvest the spring mix with this machete. Any false sense of being dangerous or cool with this machete is immediately eliminated by that baby blue handle and the “Organics Co” inscribed on it.

Kale! Kale is my favorite to harvest. It snaps off so easy, and the stems have that weird rubbery feel. Then you make it into bunches, or bouquets, really.

This morning glory was hanging out in the spring mix bed! Not ok! I had to get rid of it. They are beautiful, and I love them, but they are no good for farms, because they take over.

That was a pretty morning.

Ok. That’s all. I’m doing to sleep. I’m not even going to read over this thing to make sure it look real good and spelled write. Whatever. Sorry, Dad.

(Just to clarify, the above conclusion was meant to be funny. I do know the difference between ‘right’ and ‘write,’ and about subject-verb agreement, and that real and really mean different things. I thought it was obvious, but Dad was worried people would just assume I’m ignorant.)

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2 thoughts on “Week Two

  1. Hi Rachel, boy, do I remember biddies! And the constant noise. So many little cheep-cheeps. We had a huge egg farm when I was growing up. The spring mix is to die for; I need to get some tips on keeping it going throughout the season. Our lettuces got battered by early storms, but there’s still enough for the two of us. Our collards are spectacular. The mustard greens are almost gone. They bolted really fast.
    Your photos are fabulous. I’m going to link to your blog from mine. I’m hoping we can get together once I return from my nephew’s wedding in Brooklyn.
    xxx, Kay

    • Hello Kay! I’m so glad to hear from you. I’d love to see you and hear all about your chicken experiences when you’re back in these parts. We had more bok choy then we could handle a couple weeks ago – so tender! We brought in some chinese cabbage this week, but most of it got shot up by beetles. Hopefully, we’ll have some broccoli next week. I don’t know if I can give you tips about much of anything at this point, but I’ll certainly try. I feel honored to be linked to your blog, and I’m so pleased you like the photos.
      I look forward to seeing you.

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